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an online Art Gallery of Fine Art Photography, images created by Glasgow based photographer & filmmaker
Bill Millett.

As an artist my aim is to take the camera out of its normal context and utilise it as a canvas on which I paint with light. All the works are lens based, no apps or digital manipulation has been used.

My work focuses on shifting the viewers normal perspective of reality. The works presents themselves as visual ambiguities that hover on the verge of abstraction, where the presence of dream and memory seem almost palpable. The echos of cinema and painting are intentional by manipulating colour, focus and using light in its purist form. The works operate on a subconscious level , time and place, we all have collective memories that are triggered by the play of light on natures surface.

Visual Osmosis
Allowing one to step beyond the horizon. The works exist in a twilight zone between cognitive recognition and abstraction (fragmentation) it is subjective, a visual meditation. Thus, offering the viewer the opportunity to explore ones own existence. I am interested in the osmotic process of art born from my interest in the play of light and its emotional assimilation. I construct transient realities the viewer associates meaning. The artist and the audience have no knowledge of what they see or think. I suppose that is the point of art the subjective overpowering the objective.








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